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EV charging – grow your business & join green revolution

Availability of fossil fuels is limited. Counties, like ours, become dependent on other nations for energy leads to adverse impact on economy e.g. high inflation. Extensive use is jeopardizing future of our next generation. Electric vehicles (EV) is one potential solution along with many others.

India is seeing a steep rise in EV adoption. Last year saw 150% increase in sales of EVs. 2 wheelers account for about 60% of these large sales followed by 3-wheelers at 30%. Private 4-wheelers though a small contributor (4%) is one of the faster growing segments at 180%.

One of the concerns preventing an even rapid growth of EV segment is charging. Unlike regular fuel it takes more time to charge making standard petrol pumps a less optimal solution. Today’s technology can charge battery additional 150km-170km in 30 mins – potentially a lunch or coffee break that the driver has to take anyway. This makes restaurants, dhabas, malls, movie, theaters, office – for that matter any place where driver will anyway stop for other activities, the right place to set up EV charging stations

Setting up EV charging creates a “win-win-win” situation. You as business give additional motivation to attract customers by providing additional value. Your customers have convenience of charging. Eventually mother earth breathes better and thus a better future for next generations. 

                We will be happy to join you in starting your EV charging journey with range of DC and AC chargers!

EV Chargers

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